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Bush excuse

I try to put the best face on what people do. So what’s George Bush’s excuse? Rather than assigning him evil motives, a better face would be that he’s just inept. For example, there’s that weapons of mass destruction thing. … Continue reading

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I got this big trash can and started putting waste paper in it–instead of in the regular trash. Surprise! There isn’t much regular trash any more. Duh. Take the paper to the recycling center and save some space in the … Continue reading

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Bush and Hitler?

I heard on TV that somebody had written something comparing George Bush with Adolf Hitler. Sounds pretty far out. I wondered what they might have been thinking and asked myself if I saw any differences or similarities. The obvious difference … Continue reading

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Mammoth Cave

I arrived at the Mammoth Cave visitors center about 10 AM. I walked in with a “so now what do I do?” look and within seconds a park ranger walked up and made it plain that one of the supreme … Continue reading

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Hi from Indianapolis

It was a beautiful day in Indianapolis yesterday. This morning there’s a little rain, but that won’t be a problem visiting the 2004 Americover exposition. I’ll go over and view the stamps on cover exhibits and browse what the dealers … Continue reading

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Lies, Damn Lies, and Politics

“Swiftboat veterans for truth”. This ad hoc group is airing political ads, adds amplified a hundredfold by media re-broadcasting. The best information I have right now is that the ads are lies. So let’s say that 90% of the people … Continue reading

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Vacation, wheee

Vacations are not my strong point. I don’t take many and usually they don’t do a lot for me. Part of the problem is that I don’t do much that’s interesting. This year I’m really trying. I took son Patrick … Continue reading

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