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How about some phishing reporting standards?

Hey, you financial institutions! How about coming up with a standard email account for your domain for reporting phishing scams? (and and Come on. This is no time for creativity and branding.

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Secret Al Qaeda memo uncovered…

A secret memo has been uncovered, documenting a high-level planning meeting of Al Qaeda before the 9/11 attacks. One terrorist argued that they should send a plane to Washington DC, targeting the US Constitution, the symbol of the great Satan … Continue reading

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The Da Vinci Code (the movie)

If you’re read the book, skip the movie. The Da Vinci Code is at its heart a mystery  suspense thriller. If you already know how it all turns out, then there isn’t any mystery and hardly any suspense. The book … Continue reading

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Surgeon General’s Warning?

So I installed Microsoft OneNote and was giving it a test drive. I dragged a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet icon onto my OneNote note. Then I double-clicked the link it created. Here’s the message I got: [Big Red “X”] Hyperlinks can … Continue reading

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