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Dark Knight

I’ve been fascinated with the Batman character since I was a kid in the ’60s reading every issue of Batman and Detective Comics. Batman is a special kind of super hero, one without magical powers or alien physiology. He relies … Continue reading

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Good People and Bad People

Scooter Libby broke the law, was tried, convicted and sentenced. George Bush pardoned him and he avoided jail. Did Bush do this because Libby was secretly acting on orders from him, or the Vice President? Possibly, but the expressed reason … Continue reading

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McCain Picks Whats-her-name

It says something to me that Barak Obama picked Joe Biden as his running mate; it says that Obama is not afraid of working with people who have more experience in politics than he, people with independent stature. McCain’s choice … Continue reading

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A Question of Experience

In the 2008 presidential election, I’m sure experience is going to be a big issue. Does putting an inexperienced person in the White House (like for example George W. Bush) automatically lead to an abysmal administration? It’s my opinion, largely … Continue reading

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Anti books

I was just down at Sam’s Club where they had a couple of books; Obama Nation and The Case Against Barak Obama–attack books. The title leaves no doubt about what the book’s trying to do. What use is a book … Continue reading

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