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360 Degree Rotating Leather Case for Kindle Fire HD 7”

I bought a Kindle Fire HD 7” tablet a few weeks back and I immediately went down to the office supply store to buy a case. I’m too cheap to buy a $45 case from Amazon for a $199 device. … Continue reading

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More flexible after the election

Mitt Romney brought up Obama’s intended-private remark to Vladimir Putin that he could be “more flexible after the election.” While this moment of candor was considered by Romney a negative, it’s true. There are things that are true and probably … Continue reading

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Degen DE17: First look and operations

My new Degen DE17 waltzed in the door today. This is a digital DSP radio. Like other eBay digital wonders, this one comes with only a Chinese-language instruction manual ;( and some things aren’t obvious. Most of the operating instructions … Continue reading

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