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I’ve been interested in shortwave radio since I was a teenager, and over the decades I’ve owned quite a few shortwave radios. Now it’s time to downsize and I’ve been selling radios on eBay right and left, 61 so far. … Continue reading

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Comparing 3 Tecsun radios: PL-660, PL-380, PL-330

I haven’t bought a radio in quite a while, but the new Tecsun PL-330 seemed quite capable, so I used the proceeds from selling off older radios on eBay to buy a new PL-330 (with firmware version 3306). I was … Continue reading

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Will Tesla actually be able to do full self-driving?

Based on my original article at Quora. I’ve driven every incarnation of Tesla’s Autopilot system, from the Autopilot Convenience Feature using the Mobileye chip, to Enhanced Autopilot using TeslaVision and the NVidia computer, to the FSD computer and Tesla’s limited … Continue reading

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Who Done It?

Reprinted from my post at Quora. There is a very curious thing about Republican claims of a stolen election in 2020: they never say who personally did it. One guy with Dominion Voting Systems supposedly said something, and one low-level … Continue reading

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