When I write a review of a radio for Amazon, I’ll often try to gain credibility by saying “I’ve owned over 100 radios…” and that’s true. I currently have 39 radios (not counting car radios and clock radios). What happened to the rest of them? Let’s see:

  • 8 Small AM/FM radios sold as a lot on eBay
  • CCRadio (something) sold on eBay
  • Coby CX-CB12 sold on eBay
  • Coby CX-DB91 sold on eBay
  • Degen DE312 sold on eBay
  • Degen DE32 sold on eBay
  • Eton E100 sold on eBay
  • Eton/Grundig/Lextronix Mini 300/R-919 (11) eBay
  • Grundig G3 sold on eBay
  • Grundig G4000A sold on eBay
  • Grundig G5 sold on eBay
  • Grundig G6 sold on eBay
  • Grundig G8 sold on eBay
  • Grundig M400 (2) sold on eBay
  • Grundig Platinum Traveler (2) sold on eBay
  • Grundig S350DL donated
  • Grundig S450DLX
  • Grundig RK-709 sold on eBay
  • Grundig Traveler II eBay
  • Grundig YB 206 sold on eBay
  • Grundig YB 230 sold on eBay
  • Grundig YB-P2000 sold on eBay
  • Kaide KK-11 sold on eBay
  • Kaide KK-555 sold on eBay
  • Kaide KK-848 sold on eBay
  • Kaide KK-9701 sold on eBay
  • Kaide KK-9803 sold on eBay
  • Kaito KA105 sold on eBay
  • Kaito KA600 sold on eBay
  • Kchibo KK-912T sold on eBay
  • Kchibo KK-9803 donated to Goodwill
  • Kchibo KK-D202 eBay
  • Kchibo KK-D680 eBay
  • Lafayette KT-350 unknown
  • Lego radio eBay
  • Lextronix M300PE eBay
  • Magnavox D1000 eBay
  • Nextech 2008002 eBay
  • Panasonic Panapet eBay
  • Panasonic R-1029 eBay
  • Realistic DX-300 died
  • Realistic  DX-398 eBay
  • Realistic DX-400 unknown
  • Sangean ATS 606A eBay
  • Sangean ATS-505 eBay
  • Sony ICF-7600A eBay
  • Sony ICF-SW7600 eBay
  • Sony ICR-4800 eBay
  • Tecsun DR-920 eBay
  • Tecsun PL-210 eBay
  • Tecsun PL-380 eBay
  • Tecsun PL-390 eBay
  • Tecsun PL-606 eBay
  • Tecsun PL-880 eBay
  • Tecsun R-912 eBay
  • Tecsun R-919 eBay
  • Tecsun R9702 eBay
  • Videyas donated
  • Eton E1100 died
  • Prunus J-160 donated
  • Jailiali BJL-106 donated
  • Rysamton VK-M03 donated

A few of those I kick myself for letting go, but I’ve written before about “sharing the love” and there being just too many radios to have a relationship with.

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