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Just an old guy with opinions that I like to bounce off other people.

My new car

What? You only bought a new car in September! I upgraded my Model S 60 to a Model S 75 “over the air.” I paid some money and my old car turned into a different model. It took about 10 … Continue reading

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Got my 15 minutes of fame

I’ve been trying to identify exactly what my personal “15 minutes of fame” has been. I have a new candidate, only this one is limited to Japan. Late last year, a reporter from The Nikkei, the leading Japanese business daily … Continue reading

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A radical solution to my data problem

My doctor told me to get more exercise, and so now I walk a couple of miles a day. I usually do it about 4 pm when “All Things Considered” is on NPR. There’s an app for that and I … Continue reading

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Do lots of undocumented aliens vote?

This article comes in the context of Donald Trump’s claims that 3-5 million illegal aliens voted in the 2016 general election and that is why he didn’t win the popular vote. Trump offered no evidence that these voters exist outside … Continue reading

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The new president

I was in a board meeting of a non-profit organization at noon today while the 4-year ritual of the change of administrations in the United States took place. But even if I had the opportunity, I would have not watched … Continue reading

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Tesla withdrawal

I wrote before about my mishap, the disagreement between me and my garage door over exactly where the door frame was. The result was a dent on the left side of the car. It was about the size of a … Continue reading

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The National Wildlife Art Museum

So why is this filed under “Electric vehicles”? Bear with me for a bit. The National Wildlife Art Museum is in Jackson, Wyoming. It’s a very interesting museum and if you’re in the area, I recommend you stop by. My … Continue reading

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