DAVNET.ORG Endorses Inez Tenenbaum for US Senate

This was a no-brainer, considering Jim DeMint’s nut case right-wing ideas.

For example, anthough denying support for a National Sales Tax in his first debate with Tenenbaum, he actually was a sponsor of HR 25, the National Retail Sales Tax act.

And his plan to let workers “opt out” of Social Security would make it impossible to support benefits for our current seniors.

On the other hand, Inez Tenenbaum has a spotless reputation of service to the people of South Carolina. She’s moderate enough to represent nearly all South Carolinians. As Superintendant of Education, SAT scores have risen 32 points in the state, the largest increase in the nation. That’s the kind of accomplishment I want in the Senate.

Endorsement from the Anderson Independent Mail newspaper

Endorsement from The State newspaper.

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