Not can he rhomboid soybean (take 2)

A few weeks back I wrote a poem, Not Can He Rhomboid Soybean, and posted it on Blog or Die! It was supposed to be a silly thing based on the silly premise of a spammer’s email subject. But it doesn’t take much reading between the lines to see some themes slipping out, about the differences between youth and middle age and hint of loneliness.

But it’s a few weeks later now, and this middle-aged man has met a middle-aged lady. So let’s see how a poem based on that same random string comes out now:

Not can he rhomboid soybeans.
Put on those coy jeans.
Cloth knows no age line.
You look so very fine.

As I gaze into your eyes
Years melt away.
I am young again.
Old lady, you kiss like a teenager.

I could hug the world
If my arms were long enough.
I’m free at last and don’t give a fig
Whether it rhymes or not.

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Just an old guy with opinions that I like to bounce off other people.
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