South Carolina (SC) “Marriage Amendment”

Tuesday, South Carolinians will vote on Amendment 1, the so-called “Marriage Amendment”. I voted absentee, so I have had the thing to read. I also got a phone call about it from Senator John McCain, someone that I’ve always had respect for up to now. But his call telling me that this measure “supports marriage” changed that.

The proposed amendment only mentions marriage in passing, as the exception to all the things it outlaws — domestic unions established by the state, established by a jurisdiction under the state, or established by ANY OTHER STATE. In fact the amendment is so broad that it has to explain at the end that it doesn’t outlaw contracts!

Well John, my Bible tells me that I should treat my neighbor like I would want to be treated. I don’t want my marriage rights abolished, so I must be against abolishing domestic unions for my LGBT neighbors.


[Edited 12/17 – The Amendment passed in a landslide vote.]

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