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Fixing things

My father, uncle and my grandfather made their livelihood in large part by fixing things. My grandfather had a sign in his store: We fix anything but a broken heart My father was a watchmaker and when I was ready … Continue reading

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Radio nostalgia

Here’s my nostalgia photo from December of 1967. My “radio shack” was a bedroom closet. The Eico signal generator, the Lafayette KT-340 shortwave receiver and the Heath kit IO-21 scope were all built from kits. Sort of in the center … Continue reading

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Donald Trump is trying to rig the 2020 election.

This article comes out of a federal lawsuit about mail-in voting in Nevada. As I discuss the suit, feel free to follow along with the complaint.1 One has to read the complaint for a bit to get to the meat … Continue reading

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My New image

Initially this website was pretty lame. Then I got a somewhat more streamlined version: This one was quite nice, and going back and seeing this image, it reminds me of a photo that I would take not long afterwards on … Continue reading

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Mac & Cheese 1.0

I do love a good Mac & Cheese, but you never know what you’re going to get in a restaurant. Some of it is pretty awful, so I thought I would make my own, with the thought in the back … Continue reading

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The Tesla “Dog Mode” bug story

It’s all over the Internet: Tesla’s “Dog Mode” has a serious bug; it doesn’t work if the AC fan is set to manual. One headline said “Musk vows to fix.” But is there really such a bug? Dog Mode is … Continue reading

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The Great American Model 3 Road Trip

I’d never taken a trip this long, over 5,000 miles across the United States from Virginia to Idaho, Yellowstone, Denver and back. But it seemed like an adventure, and I figured that Tesla Autopilot would do most of the driving. … Continue reading

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