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Mesqool CR2015 — a radio you perhaps have not seen

I bought my Mesqool CR2015 (or CR2015WB) from Amazon back in April of 2022 as part of a bundle with a larger weather radio. In the bundle, it only cost $9.11, so what the heck? The original version of the … Continue reading

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HanRongDa HRD-701 — Many Features, tiny package

As one can see from the photograph, the HRD-701 is one of the smallest shortwave radios on the market, but its designers packed in a world of features underneath that small exterior sporting just 7 buttons, a switch and two … Continue reading

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I’ve been interested in shortwave radio since I was a teenager, and over the decades I’ve owned quite a few shortwave radios. Now it’s time to downsize and I’ve been selling radios on eBay right and left, 61 so far. … Continue reading

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