Exactly who is running for President?

Listening to the conversations you might think Obama is running against Sarah Palin, or running against George Bush. Who has more experience Obama or Palin? [what kind of a comparison is that?] Is this a sneaky Republican strategy to run Palin against Obama and let McCain sit over in a corner elected as the last man standing?

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2 Responses to Exactly who is running for President?

  1. Kevin says:

    I went to a segregated school. Does that make me a segregationist?

    In a couple of years, you can make a more informed comparison between Obama and the “black plague” (hoping no pun intended).

  2. Rev larry says:

    For the last two years the dem’s have had control of both the house and senate ! why is it that every one is so blind? Obama iwas one of those who could have stopped this mess yet they blame Bush who can’t be at fault since he does not run either the house or senate Obama is a liar and will prove to be the worst thing since the black plague in europe! He stared out going to an islamic school for four years and also then when he ggrew up in college and after he was pals with a known terrorist !what is wron with people dont they know that he is one of them?

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