Little fires

Little fire

When we use fossil fuels for energy, we leave a carbon footprint. Even though I drive a Prius, it still burns gas. But what got to me was when I realized the carbon emissions from everything else I do.

I started walking around the house viewing each device consuming energy as a little fire pouring a little bit of carbon into the atmosphere. There’s that clock radio on all the time. Then there is that other clock radio in the guest room. Then there is that other clock radio that really only gets used to charge my iPhone. Then there is the TV, stereo equipment, satellite dish box that are “turned off” but not really. Two computers on all the time, and the inkjet printer. There’s all manner of bricks (wall mounted AC adapters) powering routers, scanners, shredders, laptop chargers, cell phone chargers, a digital picture frame and an electric drill recharger. I walked into the kitchen and not one but three digital clocks greeted me, one on the oven, one on the microwave and one on the coffee maker. The refrigerator runs, and the hot water heater, the house heat, and the heating pad in the dog house.

Even after I go through the house turning off all those lights the wife left on, my house is full of little fires pouring their little bits of carbon into the air.

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