An unexpected radio store

Want to buy a shortwave radio? There are several stores. I buy most of mine on eBay. can be a good place. Radio Shack carries a few and you can sometimes get a good deal on a clearance item. Serious shortwave users talk about Universal Radio.

Today I stumbled upon an unexpected source, one that has generally competitive pricing and a few good radios: the NPR Shop. National Public Radio (NPR) sells merchandise to raise funds to support the organization. Naturally folks who listen to NPR are at least somewhat interested in radio, so it makes sense. There are shortwave radios from Grundig/Eton and C Crane. They have some Sangean and Tivoli models, but none with shortwave. I found prices about the same as, with the notable exception of a stunning Grundig S350DL NPR special limited edition well below Amazon’s price and with stereo headphones thrown in to boot.

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