360 Degree Rotating Leather Case for Kindle Fire HD 7”

I bought a Kindle Fire HD 7” tablet a few weeks back and I immediately went down to the office supply store to buy a case. I’m too cheap to buy a $45 case from Amazon for a $199 device. The Kindle Fire HD 7” is not the same size as the original Kindle Fire, and cases designed for the old Fire won’t fit the HD. I ended up buying a generic 7” tablet case, and hated it.

Following a hint in a product review on Amazon, I went to eBay and found a really nice case for $12.95 including shipping. The case arrived in 3 days from California, and I’m pretty pleased. I chose red from the available 8 colors.

This first photo shows the case with Kindle installed. A stylus (not included1) can be clipped to the case as shown. An elastic band keeps the case closed or the band be folded around to the back out of the way. Note the correctly positioned cutouts for the speaker.


This next photo shows the case opened up fully indicating how the Kindle is secured with 4 corner clamps. They seemed sturdy and able to keep the Kindle from falling out.


You can see groves in the picture above. To use the case as a stand, the Kindle fits on one of the two sets of groves as shown below.



  • The case fits the Kindle HD 7” perfectly. All controls and ports are accessible and there are cutouts for the speakers.
  • The Kindle snaps in easily and feels secure.
  • The case is firmly padded and I think the tablet will be well protected against impact.
  • The case acts as a stand for either horizontal or vertical positioning (see Con’s).
  • The case is compact and not at all bulky.
  • The case is attractive stitched leather.
  • An elastic strap keeps the case closed and could be used as a weak hand support when holding the tablet.
  • The front cover folds easily and completely around the back and out of the way.
  • Plush case interior.


  • The case is not quite as stiff as one might like.
  • When using the stand vertically, only one of the groves is usable; it may fall over backwards in the most vertical position.
  • The rotation is very easy. I would have preferred more resistance. When holding the Kindle by the case, it will rotate with light pressure. This will probably not be an issue once I get used to holding it.

I really like my new Kindle Fire HD and I like my new bright red case for it.

1Actually a stylus (not the one shown) was included with the case as a “gift” but it’s not part of the advertised package.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I’ve been using this case 4 months now, and I still like it. I do not, however, typically use the built-in stand, but when reading audio books from it (which is its principle use) I put it on a separate stand.

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