The receding past

Time passes and memory fades. Things wear out and are discarded. The hymn says, “change and decay, all around I see.” But there is a countercurrent, thanks to the Internet. Things that I have searched for unsuccessfully in years past in years past are now accessible, and I have observed new appearances of old things popping up online year by year.

Today I was reminded of a very old query about a piece of music. Sometime around 1970 when I was living in Alabama, I could pick up a music program on a local radio station (not sure if it was in Mobile or Pensacola, Florida) called Holloway House, hosted by a man named Joachim Holloway. One afternoon he played some selections from a musical called “The Last Days of Sweet Isaac.” I got a little of it on reel-to-reel tape. It was special and it stuck with me. I can remember, “I want to walk to San Francisco if I go there” and one song about a young man watching news coverage of the Vietnam war who sang “Look Ma, I’m dyin’ on the color TV.”

I’ve searched for that music several times over the years and got nothing. Today, 50 years later, I got lucky. I ordered the original cast recording on vinyl.

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2 Responses to The receding past

  1. Kevin says:

    The LP is in excellent condition, but it sounds awful to me, sort of like Alvin and the Chipmunks. At first, I thought the turntable speed was off, but I counted the revolutions for a minute, and it was 33.

  2. Keith Latham says:

    Just caught with your blog after many months.

    I’ve just finished cataloging my LP’s (1200+) and CD’s (just under 1000) on Discogs during this lockdown, so the Discogs search is fresh in my mind.

    I found this:

    Hope you found a good copy.


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