Criminal fundraising

Lee called. He said he was raising money for a police charity; I told him to leave me alone. A couple of days later Lee called again, from a different number; I think I yelled at him. A couple of days later Lee called a third time; I told him he’d called me three times and that it was harassment.

But what I didn’t do was to report Lee and his group to the National Do Not Call Registry because I believed that charities were exempt from the law that requires them not to call numbers on the registry.

I was wrong about Lee. Here’s what the FTC says:

Charities can make these calls to you themselves. But if a charity hires someone to make robocalls on its behalf, unless you are a prior donor or member of the charity, the robocall is illegal. They also must include an automated option to let you stop future calls.

Next time, Lee, you’re getting reported.

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