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I was just down at Sam’s Club where they had a couple of books; Obama Nation and The Case Against Barak Obama–attack books. The title leaves no doubt about what the book’s trying to do. What use is a book like that? One knows from the outset that the book is biased and tells only one side of the story.

If one wants to be informed and to make up ones mind, then one needs to hear both sides of the story. I suppose someone could read TWO books, one for and one against. But even here each of those books will likely distort the facts in favor of the one side. So the reader doesn’t get both sides of the truth but two distorted views.

I had hoped that Jerome Corsi would fade into the woodwork after his shamefully deceptive smear book about John Kerry last go-round. He’s back. I give the Obama camp full marks for the title of their rebuttal to his book, which they call “Unfit for Publication”.

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  1. TRUTH says:

    After you get updated on the blog entry, order you a good book while there. Great information for the whole family to read around the fire place.

  2. Kevin says:

    Truth, I was wondering if the lies in Obama Nation were the same ones that are in The Case Against Barack Obama. Take a peek here if you will:

    I know that the UFO books and other fringe theories tend to feed off each other.

  3. Kevin says:

    Our links are thematically similar.

  4. Kevin says:

    Sorry, you must have clicked the link before I fixed it.

  5. TRUTH says:

    That link didn’t work, but I can only guess what it was going to be. lol. I’ll show you why we want him to show the real one, because we already have a photo copy of it. I wasn’t going to say that, but since we’re telling secrets, lets compare them.

  6. Kevin says:

    Oh, you really want to See Obama’s original birth certificate? Really. You know, I’m like in the vital records industry, and I know people. I told you I was on a first name basis with several state registrars of vital statistics, including some who are on a first name basis with Dr. Alvin Onaka in Hawaii. Anyhow, I pulled some strings. We need to keep this JUST BETWEEN THE TWO OF US ’cause if this gets out, some people will REALLY be in BIG TROUBLE. You understand?

    Anyhow, here is Barack Obama’s REAL birth certificate, and it’s pretty obvious why he didn’t want it to get out.

  7. TRUTH says:

    That’s cute, but SHOW ME the BIRTH CERTIFICATE. I’m not those people and have never asked anything from any candidate ever, except this person that brought it all upon himself.

  8. Kevin says:

    Truth, just to help you understand the politically motivated folks who manufacture anxiety in the minds of people who just want the truth.

  9. Kevin says:

    Earmarks came up during the presidential primaries.

    Senator Barack Obama on Thursday [March 13] released a list of $740 million in earmarked spending requests that he had made over the last three years, and his campaign challenged Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to do the same…

    So far, Mrs. Clinton, a senator from New York, has resisted Mr. Obama’s call to release her earmark requests, and the skirmishing over the issue set off more tension between the campaigns…

    Mr. Obama had previously released the requests for earmarks that he made last year. And Thursday’s statement disclosed details of his requests from 2005 and 2006 for the kinds of home-state projects that critics often describe as pork-barrel politics.

    Many senators have been reluctant to release such lists out of fear that they would open them to questions about ties to political donors or controversy back home about which organizations they had favored. As a result, it also is hard to judge how often they succeed in pushing the requests…

    Source: The New York Times

    That article is the basis of my remark and constitutes all I know on the subject.

  10. TRUTH says:

    He CHOSE TO?!?!?! lmao….. Please, you may want to rethink that comment. Okie Doke

  11. Kevin says:

    Just speculating here, but a plausible suggestion is that the hospital raised her salary in hopes of getting some benefit down the road.

    One important thing to note is that we only know about this because Obama chose to publish a list of all his earmarks.

  12. TRUTH says:

    True Statement, and I’m not saying it is one way or another, I DO NOT Know. One can only speculate what one hears or reads and form their own opinion. My opinion, and I know you being a smart man have similar thoughts in your mind, is it SURE IS a Mighty Big coincidence. It isn’t every day you see a persons salary increase 161%. But hey, I guess it could happen……cough cough.

  13. Kevin says:

    Anything is possible, but I’m one of those “innocent until proven guilty” folks.

  14. TRUTH says:

    I stand corrected… thats only $121k.. and its 161% pay raise. Great News article, it could make a GREAT Story!

  15. TRUTH says:

    Ok, good stuff, but not absolute, nor is what I said.

    Allow me for one minute to be the “conspiracy theorist”, lets say Barry has dinner with his wife Donnas boss Tom. Toms company has the money to give Donna a raise, but has yet to do it. Barry tells Tom, I’ll recommend a $1million dollar donation to your company Tom, if you give that raise to Donna. Tom says “sure, its a few years early but why not, thats what the other VPs are making anyways, in case I’m ever questioned”. (aside from the fact the other VPs have 15-30yrs tenure). So Young Donna, only a couple years tenure, now gets 150% pay raise. As if $125k wasn’t enough. Tom upholds his end of the bargain, even though the donation never comes in.
    ….possible?….. who knows, its just a story…. right?

  16. Kevin says:

    Well at least read the other side to the Million Dollar donation story before you render a verdict.

    Hospitals spokesman John Easton told the Tribune that Michelle Obama’s salary is in line with those of the 16 other vice presidents at the not-for-profit medical center.

    The $1M earmark request is true (gotta have that reference), but it was not passed by Congress and the hospital never got the money.

  17. TRUTH says:

    I understand and yes Freddoso is going to make Obama sound bad, if I wrote the book I would to. But it isn’t a real difficult thing to do with all of Obamas past ties. And yes, Freddoso can take a subject and draw it out making it sound much worse than it may be. Still, all the connections Obama had with so MANY people of bad character, ya have to draw the damn line somewhere.

    Richard Daly, a scum of a Mayor in Chicago, along with John Stroger President of Cook County Board of Commissioners and his son Todd Stroger, both scum. Yet like I said, these people and quite a few others in the book aren’t what made me dislike Obama, I already drew that conclusion before reading this, it just helped reaffirm my suspicions of the man.

    And yes, he has been elected, so nor am I campaigning against him. My point is about “THE BOOK”. Since that is the title of this blog.

    Freddoso wrote what I believe to be factual data. It is things you don’t just pull out of thin air. Like B.O. takes the Senate, gets a Million dollar donation made with tax money to the hospital his wife Michelle works at, and oddly enough a very short time after that her (rounded off) $125k salary is $325k. I guess it could’ve been coincidental…he doesn’t imply either way, he just states that it happened. I’m no author, but isn’t it illegal to write pure out lies? Can’t a person get into legal trouble if they did that? I’m not being sarcastic either, I mean nighttime comedy shows get away with it, can an author?

    Anyways, I was serious, if you want to browse this book your welcome to it, for the cost of postage to send it back to me when your done. Just email me your address and I’ll send it.

    I’m beat today, up very early to get our 18 & 20yr olds Christmas gifts. My Gift will be pay off some bills I think. Speaking of Kids and books, both our kids are avid readers, MUCH better readers than I am. My daughter goes in spells, but when she reads you almost can’t stop her. Get her a book one day and she asks to goto the book store the next to get something to read.

  18. Kevin says:

    I have no experience with The Case Against Barrack Obama. The election is over, and I’m much more interested in what President Obama will do than any associations or of anything else in his past. If I found the book USED, I might buy it, but I doubt I could get past the first few pages before I choked.

    I know of claims against Barak Obama that are documented, such as the claim that Obama in the Illinois Senate voted to allow mothers to kill newborns or that allowed doctors to withhold treatment from infants that “survived abortion”. The problem is that the documentation doesn’t say what those who use it say it does and the claim is actually false. [After writing the first part of this paragraph, I paused and typed in “‘David Freddoso’ abortion” in Google, and came up with an article by Freddoso CLAIMING THAT EXACT THING! You can read the truth here. You can read “Obama admitted he was born in Kenya” on the Internet WITH references. The reference doesn’t say what the claim says it does. Obama’s grandmother didn’t say what was claimed of her, although she’s a “reference”.

    It’s a fallacy to think that 21 pages of reference notes makes a book credible, until you or someone you trust verifies the 21 pages of reference notes, that they are accurate, that they support the assertions to which they are attached and that they are read objectively. Al Franken’s book Lies: And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them has 13 pages of references. But I already know that Franken interprets those sources through his own biased viewpoint and I never expect that he will treat his sources in a fair and balanced way.

    When you come across a title like The Case Against Barrack Obama think of a prosecuting attorney. He will make things sound as bad as possible; that’s his job. But in a trial, the defense gets to put on its case too. This is the point I tried to make in the main article above.

  19. TRUTH says:

    Kewl…a different subject! 🙂

    I’ll start by saying, back around Feb-Apr 2008 timeframe roughly, I had no opinion of Mr. Obama. And frankly, he was such a good orator that I listened keenly to him. Then I did some research online, listened to many radio shows, and read books. I did purchase and read “The Case Against Barrack Obama”

    Before I purchased the book I can say I had already determined I did not support Mr. Obama being the President of the United States, for whatever lengthy reasons, I just didn’t and still do not. So reading the book is not what influenced me. But I have to say, it opened my eyes so very much of what he has done in his past. There is little speculation in the book, and if there is he says it is. What he wrote were all the places he worked, people he worked with, people he associated with, Dollar Figures posted in public information, just to name a few. OBama was so closely knit with Chicagos politics it is scary that American Media did not mention it once. But not surprising, for they are onboard with making sure he got elected, an apparent action even to a blind/deaf mute.

    And for what it is worth, author David Freddoso has 21 pages of reference notes in the back of his book for hundreds of notes from throughout his book. He did not just make comments, he provided the references for what he said. If he is a big fat liar, he sure has me fooled.

    I would be interested in hearing your point of view from the book, if you can bring yourself to read it that is. Heck, I’ll send you my copy if you would agree to read it.

  20. Kevin says:

    OK, maybe I’m a hypocrite. I’m reading Al Franken’s book, The Truth, which is a one-sided political book. I justify reading Franken (and I’ve read two of his books before, including my favorite: Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot) by the fact that I don’t have any other way of getting the liberal bent on events (there’s no liberal talk radio where I live), and there are things I just don’t know from other sources. I read Franken critically and have checked him out from time to time and found him sometimes wrong about the facts.

    [Note: Franken in his book on Limbaugh says that Limbaugh is not an idiot, but that he is big and fat.]

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