A Question of Experience

In the 2008 presidential election, I’m sure experience is going to be a big issue. Does putting an inexperienced person in the White House (like for example George W. Bush) automatically lead to an abysmal administration?

It’s my opinion, largely based on Scott McClellan’s insider book (What Happened) on the Bush administration, that it was not Bush’s political inexperience that lead to all the problems we’ve seen with the war in Iraq and the economy. Bush’s fault was that he governed from his gut reactions rather than from evidence and analysis.

Reading the politically more-experienced Barak Obama’s book (The Audacity of Hope) it is immediately obvious that Obama will not surround himself with yes-men and ignore the facts. Obama is an intensely collaborative individual.

No, Barak Obama will not be another George W. Bush.

As for John McCain, I could care less about him after that message he left on my answering machine a few years back.

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