Palin’s acceptance speech

I watched Palin’s speech on YouTube. Parallels to George Bush come to mind.  They both are from oil states with ties to the oil industry (both ideological and family). Their primary political experience comes from being state governors (Bush 4 years, Palin 2 plus mayoral experience). They both shamelessly pander to the far right of their party when running for office. They both seem to have little use for science whether it’s global warming denial or in Palin’s case the view that Creationism belongs in public schools (AP story).

The glee with which Palin delivered the line making fun of Barak Obama because of some stage props at the DNC tells me that she is right at home with the politics of spin that unfortunately characterizes the current Republican leadership. McCain/Palin show early warning signs of embracing the “permanent campaign” (Scott McClellan’s discussion) that was a major flaw in the of Bush administration.

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