Unconvinced by McCain

I watched the McCain RNC acceptance speech on YouTube. It was a masterful and moving speech. McCain has my vote for distinguished American of the year. It was a moving speech and it cast somewhat of a spell over me. But next morning the spell dissipated. This is what is wrong with McCain as President.

  • McCain is too conservative, too far right on social issues I care about
  • McCain (according to his book) makes decisions faster than others, sometimes makes mistakes and is willing to live with the consequences. (That is, he’s impulsive.) That’s fine for a Senator, but when a President makes mistakes EVERYBODY has to live with the consequences. I would prefer someone more careful.
  • I don’t know who wrote McCain’s speech (certainly not him), but McCain delivered it. In that speech he lied about Obama’s position on taxes (check out factcheck.org). So just like President Bush, he’s willing to lie and distort the facts for gain. Palin also said some intentionally misleading things about Obama.
  • McCain lacks the honesty and integrity to come out and deal with the evils of the Bush Administration. In his acceptance speech, you wouldn’t know who the president even is. If McCain is unwilling to repudiate Bush, and willing to use the same campaign tactics, what are we to think? Certainly not that change is in the wind.

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