In case you’ve been off planet today and haven’t seen Today’s Mitt Romney video, take a minute and watch it.


Mitt Romney is speaking about 47% of Americans who he thinks believe that they are entitled to a handout from the government.

However, Mitt Romney is the one who really believes that he is entitled to a handout, a huge discount on his investment income and tax loopholes. What could Romney have done himself to have actually earned his half-a-billion dollar net worth? Did he create something of value to the world? No, he just figured a smart way to move money from some people’s livelihood to other people’s pockets, and keep big chunk for himself.

When I was in business I got to know some folks who made a lot of money, not on Romney’s scale, but millions. They felt a sense of entitlement, not because of what they could do, but because of their position. They felt this not only about themselves, but about people like themselves. They simply felt that they deserved big salaries, bonuses, first class everything and perks, even while they were laying off workers because profits were not high enough. I don’t think that these are evil people, but the saying that “power corrupts” is true. One has to rationalize the essential unfairness of the system, and that is most easily done by believing in ones’ own entitlement.

Romney is a face on a spreadsheet. I have nothing against spreadsheets and scientific management; however, I have a problem with there is one spreadsheet for the privileged and one for the working guy.

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