Charter Communications: monumental stupidity

It is not illegal for Charter Communications to telemarket its existing customers who are on the National Do Not Call Registry, but to do so is monumentally stupid. People put their names on the Registry for a reason – they don’t want telemarketing calls.

I have a policy: If I am not your customer and you telemarket me, I will never be your customer, ever. Calling someone on the Do Not Call registry who is not your customer is a crime, and I don’t do business with criminal enterprises. If I am your customer and you telemarket me, you get one warning. If you call me again, I’m no longer your customer because calling me is an invasion of my privacy and my only legal protection is to make myself no longer your customer. Also, if you are in my state, I will file a complaint with the state Consumer Affairs agency who handles complaints under state law. I will also likely write nasty letters to lots of people in the management of your company complaining about how stupid you are.

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