A Tesla Christmas present

imageSoftware updates are one of the neat things about owning a Tesla. Since I got my car  three months ago, two software updates added features to the car that I didn’t have before. One arrived last night in time for Christmas. Here are some of the things added since I got my car:

  • The radar can now detect two cars in front of me and react to mitigate a collision if that car stops suddenly.
  • The audio equalizer went from 3 bands to 5 bands.
  • I can pair my key fob with my driver profile, so it sets the seats and controls for me or my wife when we unlock the door.
  • Instead of a satellite view of Earth imposed on the Google map, I can choose Mars.
  • Improvements in the Audio interface including support for genres and artists, and voice searches.
  • The map shows amenities near the Superchargers.
  • New setting prevents cabin overheating in the car while parked.
  • There is improved auto-steer performance.
  • Cruise control works more smoothly.
  • More voice commands are available.
  • The car now has automatic map zooming, and full-screen map mode.
  • There are several additional safety improvements.

More new things are expected before the end of the year.

Update: New navigation maps too!

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