Christmas came a little early

Last night I got a notice on my smartphone: My Tesla Model 3 has a software update. It’s like Christmas came early and I can hardly wait to open the presents.

So what did I get?

I got a new fireplace, with romantic music from the car’s “Romantic Mode.” This is a photo of the car’s 15″ touchscreen.

Romance Mode

And I got a video game with controller. It’s Atari Pole Position on Mars! I can actually use the car’s steering wheel to drive the game car and use the brake pedal as an accelerator.

Model 3 Mars Pole Position game

My dog got a heated dog house. Model S got a feature to leave the climate system on when exiting the car some months ago. Now it’s available for Model 3. Our dog Katie will be happy about that one.

And then I got a whoopie cushion. It’s called “Emissions Testing Mode.” Yes friends, when you activate the turn signal, the car farts. You can select which seat the fart seems to come from.

So those are the fun toys from Tesla. I also got socks, in the form of updates and fixes. One welcome update is an improvement in the Navigate on Autopilot feature where the car knows when it should get out of the passing lane. I expect the car will actually initiate the lane changes soon. I can hardly wait.

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