Tesla Autopilot gets 5-Star insurance rating

My insurance carrier, State Farm, offers the “Drive Safe and Save ™” program that rates driving, and offers discounts for good driving. It works using a “beacon” installed in the car, essentially an accelerometer paired with your mobile phone. It tracks location, speed, acceleration, braking, cornering and whether you’re using your mobile phone.

I’ve had the Drive Safe and Save beacon in my Model S for a couple of years. When I first got their app, the only information provided was a quarterly report. It said I accelerated too rapidly and braked too abruptly–that’s how Autopilot 1.0 worked back in 2017. Now the State Farm app is much more informative, allowing you to view your latest trip. It even pinpoints on a map when you do something it doesn’t approve of.

Just recently I installed the Drive Safe and Save beacon on my Model 3 with Autopilot 2.5 hardware. Today I took a 16-mile trip involving metropolitan city streets and very challenging twisty rural highways. Autopilot drove the entire way except when I had to manually stop for stop lights and make turns. When Drive Save and Save graded my driving, it was really grading Autopilot. Here is the result:

Drive Safe and Save app screenshot showing 5-star rating.

It gave my car’s driving 5 stars. That’s better than I usually get.

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2 Responses to Tesla Autopilot gets 5-Star insurance rating

  1. Kevin says:

    Yes I did place it behind the rearview window. The cameras are flush with the windshield, so there is no possibility of anything getting in their way.

  2. Steve says:

    on your Model 3 did you stick the beacon on the windshield behind the rearview mirror or someplace else? it doesn’t interfere with the car’s cameras etc?

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