Radio nostalgia

Here’s my nostalgia photo from December of 1967. My “radio shack” was a bedroom closet.

My “radio shack” from December, 1967

The Eico signal generator, the Lafayette KT-340 shortwave receiver and the Heath kit IO-21 scope were all built from kits. Sort of in the center is my first shortwave radio, a Nanaola 10NT-504, 10-transistor single conversion radio that covered LW from 145-375, MW, and shortwave from 1.8 to 28 MHz in three contiguous bands. It had Vernier tuning. Great little radio.

On the wall I can recognize QSL cards from Radio Moscow, RCI, CHU, WWHV, Radio Japan, K4USA and WNYW.

In the same file box where I found the photo, I found the instruction sheet for the 10NT-504, which I’ve scanned for posterity. Also in that box was my very first radio:

Gilbert series-tuned “crystal radio” schematic and build sheet

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  1. Kevin says:

    I still have that Eico signal generator and I still use it.

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