No shrubs allowed

Here’s a bizarre way for technology to behave. Ever hear of a camera that wouldn’t photograph some subjects?

I have a Motorola V557 camera phone. I was trying to photograph a flowering shrub (an azalea). The camera said “Picture Capture Failed”. I could photograph the ground next to it, people, my foot, the house, the car, the driveway, but not the plant. I couldn’t photograph the back of the plant, nor a similar plant on the other side of the yard. It wouldn’t photograph a flowering dogwood tree either.

I called Cingular Wireless and Motorola. They didn’t have much to say, except the Motorola guy emphasized that “it is a very simple VGA camera”.

I believe the problem is in the complexity of the image. Zooming in on the plant (making the individual flowers bigger, but fewer in number) allowed me to take a picture.

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