Homeland Security [sic]

Open letter to Congressman J. Gresham Barrett:

Hardly a week goes by without my reading of yet another debacle at the Department of Homeland Security. Last week it was Congressional investigators smuggling in enough nucler material to build a bomb using a forged import license they found on the Internet. Before that it was a report that says airport screeners miss test weapons in luggage most of the time. Then there is was the whole “Secure Flight” fiasco.

But today, I found something so outrageous as to even raise my already-synical blood pressure. I found that the Federal Governments own security rating for the Department of Homeland Security was an “F”. I don’t feel at all secure knowing that the Department of Homeland Security shares with the Department of Defense the “worst in the government” grades. Here it is from the House web site:

Federal Security Report Card

It appears to me that about the only thing the Department of Homeland Security does well is waste money.

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