DAGI Capacitive Stylus Pen P602 for Microsoft Surface

Naturally I wanted to try out drawing on my new Microsoft Surface RT. I have some fat rubber styluses, but I wanted something better, but I wasn’t willing to buy the pricey styluses just for the Surface.

I tried eBay and hit upon a winner, the Dagi Accu-Pen capacitive stylus. It’s advertised for the Kindle Fire HD and iPad, but it works great with the Surface.


That fuzzy-looking thing at the end is a plastic disk, mounted to the pen by a tiny spring that allows the disk to lie flat on the screen whatever the pen angle. It comes with a spare tip. There’s a ballpoint pen at the other end. The pen has a rough metallic surface that feels like quality. There is a rubber grip on the ballpoint end. The caps on each end are firmly attached.

The tip, I guess, is the same size as the “crayon” styluses you usually get, but the clear disk lets you see where the center point of the stylus actually is. Your writing and drawing is really better with it. Small and precise writing is easier.

So far it works great. I got this one for $9.93 plus $3.99 from seller “electronics-deal” on eBay.

Finding the stylus you want is a challenge on eBay with no less than 26,304 auctions tagged “capacitive stylus.” Fortunately for me, this one was on the first page.

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