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Great price?

I’m completely recycling my shortwave radio inventory, selling mostly, but I bought a couple of new ones to check out. One new one I ordered this morning was an XHDATA D-808. It’s feature rich, combining SSB with Air band and … Continue reading

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DAGI Capacitive Stylus Pen P602 for Microsoft Surface

Naturally I wanted to try out drawing on my new Microsoft Surface RT. I have some fat rubber styluses, but I wanted something better, but I wasn’t willing to buy the pricey styluses just for the Surface. I tried eBay … Continue reading

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A tale of 3 Naxa radios

This is confusing. I bought what was described as a Naxa NX-716 radio on eBay. I paid $9.98 for it, including shipping. I bought this “cheap” radio because it looked cool. Here’s the picture from the auction: I didn’t pay … Continue reading

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