The President is still the President and the Senate is still the Senate

That despite the outrageous calls from all of the GOP presidential candidates at the debate last night, that any Obama appointee to the US Supreme Court to replace Justice Scalia be blocked, and the decision be put off until the next president is elected.

They propose to cripple the Supreme Court for a whole year for their political advantage. (On a tie vote in the Supreme Court, the ruling of the Circuit stands.) This exposes the lie of these candidates that they support the Constitution and institutions of the United States. The Constitution calls for the president to nominate, and the Senate to advise and consent. These candidates want to throw the Constitution under the bus when it is to their advantage.

Some of us want government to play by the rules, no matter who is in power. If the Senate doesn’t want to vote on an Obama Supreme Court nominee until after the election, then they should all resign and give us a new Senate now.

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