Got my 15 minutes of fame

Kevin with Model S High ResI’ve been trying to identify exactly what my personal “15 minutes of fame” has been. I have a new candidate, only this one is limited to Japan. Late last year Toyoki Nakanishi, a reporter from The Nikkei, the leading Japanese business daily publication, came to South Carolina to interview me about switching from a Prius to an all-electric Tesla Model S. Nikkei had seen my article here titled “Prius to Tesla Transition.” We had a nice talk, and the reporter took a photo of me and my car. I gathered that the focus of the article is the disruption in the auto industry that will be caused by the change to electric vehicles.

The article was published in Nikkei on January 5 past. The article itself is behind a paywall, and it is only in Japanese. Nevertheless the photo, reproduced above, was a very nice one and I have my 15 minutes of fame.

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Just an old guy with opinions that I like to bounce off other people.
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  1. David says:

    Just tell everyone you’re big in Japan

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