Where’s the beef?

[Reprinted from my post at Quora.com]

Last month ago I bought a Boston Market frozen entree, Swedish meatballs and noodles. This is a photo of the package, highlighting “Oven Roasted MEATBALLS.”

And here’s a photo of the contents:

There were no meatballs in there. I weighed the contents including the serving tray, and it was about 100 g lighter than the package weight.

OK, mistakes happen.

Now two weeks later, I opened another frozen dinner, this time a Smart Ones “Three Cheese Ziti with Meatballs.” Here’s the package:

I count 10 meatballs in the photo. Here is the actual product:

How many meatballs? I counted zero. There weren’t even any meat bits. And again the weight with container was about 30 grams less than the stated package weight.

Where’s the beef?


I purchased two packages of those Smart Ones “Three Cheese Ziti with Meatballs” and the second one had meatballs in it, all ten of them.

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