Who Done It?

Reprinted from my post at Quora.

There is a very curious thing about Republican claims of a stolen election in 2020: they never say who personally did it. One guy with Dominion Voting Systems supposedly said something, and one low-level election worker in Georgia is getting death threats, but this massive conspiracy that supposedly happened in many states about Venezuelan voting software, supercomputers in Germany or under the South Pole, and trucks of Chinese-made fake ballots magically appearing under a table or whatever else remain vague. They fish for “anomalies” but are clueless how they could have actually happened. They don’t name names.

Things don’t happen unless someone made them happen and that is the fatal flaw in the Trumpian version of 2020. They say things happened, but nobody did it.

The conspiracists did name some companies, companies that are suing for billions of dollars in damages for defamation. That’s why the conspiracies have no names attached because the moment they name names, those falsely accused of crimes can sue in court to clear their names and recover damages — big damages.

Always be wary of a conspiracy claim that names no one.

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