Bush and Hitler?

I heard on TV that somebody had written something comparing George Bush with Adolf Hitler. Sounds pretty far out. I wondered what they might have been thinking and asked myself if I saw any differences or similarities.

The obvious difference was that Hitler was a raving lunatic, and George Bush is not. Hitler was an overt racist and Bush is not.

The obvious similarity is that neither Bush nor Hitler won a majority in the election where they came to power.

Both Hitler and Bush made a big deal about their religion in their public speeches. Hitler was insincere and I presume that Bush is sincerely religious. I don’t see any Messianic delusions in Bush.

I suppose both Bush and Hitler had an inflated opinion of themself, but I would not go so far as to say that Bush sees himself as the chosen instrument of Providence as Hitler did.

The petty meanness of George Bush falls monumentally short of the cultivated ruthlessness and cruelty of Adolf Hitler.

So in conclusion, I say to George Bush: “You’re no Adolf Hitler.”

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