Bush attack against the unborn

Bush is against abortion, but generally his policies are an attack on the unborn. Here are the issues that will be important to our children.

Nuclear Proliferation. Probably one of the greatest threats to the next generation is nuclear proliferation. Rather than trying to relieve the desperation and injustice in the world that creates terrorists and makes countries believe that they need nuclear weapons, the Bush administration showed the world the Ugly American writ large. The only thing the Bush administration has done on Nuclear Proliferation is to destroy the nuclear stockpiles in Iraq — oh yeah, there weren’t any.

Global warming. This has enormous consequences for our children. Bush took a giant step back, and basically denied the evidence in favor of his own agenda. As a candidate, he said he’d reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but that quietly disappeared after the election.

Stem cell research. One of the great possibilities for treating debilitating illnesses is being retarded because of Bush’s ideological position that anything that even tangentially maybe possibly related to abortion is taboo. Again the pattern of misrepresenting the science appears.

Gun control. Yes kids, you can now be killed once again by legal assault weapons.

All kids left behind. No child left behind–good idea, but unfunded. By creating a situation where schools have to fail, the conservative dialogs get more steam for school vouchers so that the government funds religious schools (who also misrepresent science).

Debt, debt and more debt. By creating unprecidented deficits, there will be a significant reduction in the standard of living for our kids.

I’m sure other folks can contribute more examples.

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