Three good things about George Bush

Ok, this is a serious question. Here’s your opportunity to help raise my opinion of George W Bush. List three things George W. Bush has done that you think are good and noteworthy.

Just so that you don’t waste time writing things that wouldn’t impress me, I include the following criteria:

  • It has to be something George W. Bush did (as opposed to said, promised or proposed) as president.
  • It has to be something beyond what anybody would have done in the same situation.
  • It should demonstrate initiative, insight, leadership or creativity.
  • It should be directly attributable to Bush (rather than to Congress or Federal agency staffers).

Provide citations or references where possible, and try not to be too wordy.

Surprise me!

I posted the above on a very active political forum on, that has many vocal conservative members. Total and utter silence from Bush supporters.

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  1. me says:

    i don’t care about george bush i just need to find 5 stupid things he has done that were successful. i hate my fat government teacher go die mrs. kuciak!

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