High Impact Voting for Nader

A lot of us think Ralph Nader is saying some important things. Nonetheless, Nader isn’t going to get but 1% or 2% of the presidential vote, and that’s not going to make a great impact, and it’s not going to be noticed, and it’s not going to challenge the locked in “two-party system”.

However, something Nader said today gave me an idea. Nader said (if I heard it right) that 40% of state legislative seats in the US were uncontested in this election. I know that mine is.

What I am going to do is to ask for a write-in ballot for my legislative seat, and cast it for Nader. If all the Nader supporters and folks who think he has important points in states with uncontested legislative seats did this (the ones who would vote for him for President, and those who wouldn’t to prevent Bush from being elected), I bet Nader wouldn’t get a measly 2%, but might be up there in the double digits. And the sheer mechanics of having to deal with all those write-in ballots will get some serious news time — at least that’s now I see it. This is a way for Nader voters to make an impact.

If you think this is a lousy idea say so; if you like it, put it on your blog and email it to your friends.

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