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If you have any miscellaneous comments on the web site, not related to a particular blog entry, post them here. Continue reading

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Kevin 2.0 Kinder and gentler

I’ve been over on the PBS Forums for the Bill Moyers NOW program and the political discussion gets pretty snotty, and I’ve been a little snotty too. I need to settle down to my normal, level, turn away wrath replies.

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Kerry leads polls in battleground states

Today’s Washington Times newspaper ran a summary of the polls in 15 battleground states. Some states had one poll and some states had several showing the various candidates leading in different states. I assigned a state to a candidate if … Continue reading

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Historical Feedback

Email Feedback I’ve received on my web site. Continue reading

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Feels like Friday

It feels like Friday. [sigh]

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Nice friendly web site

I found this nice friendly web site that just made me feel so nice and relaxed.

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Church and State

People argue that there is no doctrine of “separation between church and state” in the US Constitution. To me that is a fight over the right to use labels, not over substance. Continue reading

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