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Mining Outrage

Someone interviewing Bill O’Reilly asked him about his journalism style of “mining outrage”. O’Reilly’s answer was not memorable, but the term was. It’s evident that outrage is contagious. Somebody says something using the language of outrage on a blog, or … Continue reading

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Jesus was a Liberal

I was born and raised conservative and fundamentalists I even have a thank you letter for my support from George C. Wallace. I still live in the deep South. Yet the more I study the Bible, the more I worship … Continue reading

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Florida voted for more severe hurricanes?

I really feel for the folks in Florida who have been pounded by 4 serious hurricanes (and those in Alabama where my folks are still cleaning up). But if they, and the rest of the country, elect George W Bush … Continue reading

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Terrorists For Bush

There was an interesting piece on NPR this afternoon. They interviewed a couple of analysts who study Al Queda and other radical Islamist web sites, posing the question whether the terrorists expressed a preference for one presidential candidate or another … Continue reading

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