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You and Jesus

Yesterday I attended an event and ended up packing food into boxes for the Harvest Hope food bank, an organization in South Carolina that works to relieve hunger in the state. So this morning in church my Pastor said: “There … Continue reading

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Don’t be afraid

I really don’t understand people who are predicting the end of the world as they know it based on who wins the 2012 Presidential election. I was reminded of my trip to Dresden, Germany, earlier in the year. Dresden was … Continue reading

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Is Mitt Romney a Christian?

I think all American Presidents have either been Christians or perhaps non-religious freethinkers. John Kennedy broke the “no Catholics” barrier and Richard Nixon was a Quaker. It’s almost a done deal that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee in … Continue reading

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I consider myself a liberal. Conservatives throw a lot of criticism at liberals. Some of that criticism does reasonably apply to some things liberals do. It probably works the same turned around the other way. It seems to me that … Continue reading

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Whither the youth?

My view is that the reason youth are largely disinterested in the evangelical church once they “grow up” is that the evangelical church has largely been co-opted from its mission by excursions into right-wing political action. Let me give a … Continue reading

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The Da Vinci Code (the movie)

If you’re read the book, skip the movie. The Da Vinci Code is at its heart a mystery  suspense thriller. If you already know how it all turns out, then there isn’t any mystery and hardly any suspense. The book … Continue reading

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The Da Vinci Code

I finally got around to reading The Da Vinci Code. It was an intense page-turner. I finished it in one day. But suspense and cleverness aside, I had some problems with the “factual” setting of the story. The author set … Continue reading

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