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Don’t be afraid

I really don’t understand people who are predicting the end of the world as they know it based on who wins the 2012 Presidential election. I was reminded of my trip to Dresden, Germany, earlier in the year. Dresden was … Continue reading

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Frequent Flier Games

I went on the US Airways web site to use some of my frequent flier miles on a trip to Albuquerque 3 months from now. Although their brochure says you can get round trip flights for 25,000, the web site … Continue reading

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Mammoth Cave

I arrived at the Mammoth Cave visitors center about 10 AM. I walked in with a “so now what do I do?” look and within seconds a park ranger walked up and made it plain that one of the supreme … Continue reading

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Hi from Indianapolis

It was a beautiful day in Indianapolis yesterday. This morning there’s a little rain, but that won’t be a problem visiting the 2004 Americover exposition. I’ll go over and view the stamps on cover exhibits and browse what the dealers … Continue reading

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Vacation, wheee

Vacations are not my strong point. I don’t take many and usually they don’t do a lot for me. Part of the problem is that I don’t do much that’s interesting. This year I’m really trying. I took son Patrick … Continue reading

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