You and Jesus

Yesterday I attended an event and ended up packing food into boxes for the Harvest Hope food bank, an organization in South Carolina that works to relieve hunger in the state. So this morning in church my Pastor said: “There are only two people in the world—you and Jesus.” By that he meant that whenever you feed someone who is hungry, you are doing it for Jesus, and when you visit someone who is sick, you are visiting Jesus. I certainly felt motivated to do more of what I did yesterday.

My Senator, Lindsey Graham, on a telephonic town hall meeting a few weeks ago was talking about gun control. He said that there was no legitimate use for an assault weapon for hunting. He explained that he had an AR-15 to fend off mobs of people who might come looking for food after a possible future natural disaster. He said that an assault rifle was much more effective than a double-barreled shotgun. He’s going to shoot Jesus.

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  1. Paul says:

    Lindsey Graham needs to get out more. AR-15s are used for much more than fending off hungry mobs. In Texas they are used (along with AK-47s and SKSs) for hog hunting. In Utah people hunt coyotes with them. Other places folks will sometimes hunt deer with them. Then there are all the competition-related activities such as highpower match or 3-gun.

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