Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy

Three turkeys for this one.

I saw it with my son who summed it up pretty well: “It might have been funny if you hadn’t seen the much better BBC production.”

The HHGG books were quirky and witty. Time after time this watered-down excuse for a movie omitted the quirks and the wit, turning the plot into a dull love story set in a fairly expensive set of special effects. One of the few jokes left was the scene where the bar tender asks “should we put paper bags over our head”? Perhaps the high point was the cameo appearance of Marvin the robot from the BBC version.

The original HHGG volume had on its cover the words “Don’t Panic”. The book in this movie should have had the words “Not Funny” on its.

(In defense of the movie, there were some small children in the audience who seemed to find some of it funny.)

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