Am I a Citizen?

Reading some of the discussion of the fourteenth amendment and juristiction on the Internet, it makes me wonder.

I was born in the United States, as was my father and his father before him, but my great grandfather was not.

Heinrich and Helena emigrated to the United States around 1900, citizens of Germany. I do not know if they were ever naturalized or not. Let’s assume not. Then my grandfather who was born in Wisconsin would be the child of aliens, and hence not a citizen (according to some). I’m reasonably confident that my grandfather never went through any naturalization process. His daughter, my mother, was born in Alabama (I guess the child of an alien too) and I’m confident that she was never naturalized. I also was born in Alabama and I know that I have never been naturalized.

So, according to some, this third-generation, American born writer is not a citizen.


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  1. TRUTH says:

    That link wasn’t working? I tried looking around in the main acandidworld site, no luck.

  2. Kevin says:

    Truth, I found this incredible article from 2005 that predicts exactly the situation we are in (with lawsuits and standing and everything). It says we need a constitutional amendment to clarify natural born citizen (an not a court decision).

  3. TRUTH says:

    Oppressed? Is that a typo? did you mean Humored? I work in a CITY of Liberals, God help me, I just don’t talk politics with any of them. And the fact my immediate supervisor is a Conservative Law school grad doesn’t hurt. He gives me hope we may come out of this mess one day.

    As for the Supreme Court, don’t worry, that’ll all be dropped.

    Really, I don’t care if Obama takes office. Maybe you never got that drift from me. I’d prefer he not, but it isn’t my choice, so I accept what the people choose. My WHOLE issue is knowing the TRUTH, which has been kept under lock and key. SHOW the Truth, I’ll say Yippy Yahoo, and let him take the reigns. But he WILL get the reigns, the Truth won’t ever be seen, and nothing will be a bit different. It just doesn’t make it Right, that’s all. And Oh Yeah, for Gods Sake can SOMEBODY at the High Court make a Legal Conclusion to the interpretation of “Natural Born” ? PLEASE!! I know what You think, I heard what others think, “I” don’t have an opinion on that because honestly I can read it either way. The ruling needs determined for future references, not based off how Billy Bob, Tyrone or Mr. Kennedy reads it.

  4. Kevin says:

    Truth, I’m sorry you are oppressed by liberals trying to work with you. There aren’t may liberals where I live, so I am at a disadvantage to know what liberals are saying and I don’t watch news and political commentary on TV.

    Take heart. I heard that Obama will be indicted by the Supreme Court January 9, so maybe you won’t have to suffer much longer.

  5. Bill says:


    Being the descendents of good Germans and therefore very likely white
    I would say you must be a citizen.

  6. TRUTH says:

    Are you one that hears what they want to hear? Because I’m not. I hear it every day, Liberals whining about Republicans/Conservatives not getting onboard with them, not working together. Like we’re just supposed to CHANGE!! our Ideas just because the CHOSEN One has been elected. What a confused bunch of people the democrats are. Like a Cookie? Is the truth getting to close for comfort your resorting to funny comments now?

  7. Kevin says:

    Truth asked: “Since when do we not have the right to disagree with your opinions?”

    I don’t know. Did somebody tell you that? Would you like a cookie?

  8. TRUTH says:

    I see you still have communication problems transferring what People say into Text and doing the Liberal thing and wording it in your favor.

    A funny point I’d like to make. Liberals have been crying as of lately “When will the Conservatives stop working against us and get along so we can finally move our country forward(or some words to that extent)”
    1)Who are the majority of the whining fools the last few years saying nothing but hate for the Bush admin?
    2) Since when do we not have the right to disagree with your opinions?

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