OCD Crowd’s Next Gambit

The forensic document experts were exposed as impostors and incompetents. The Hawaiian foreign birth registration law, Hawaiian Homelands Act, and rules about altered birth certificates not being so marked have all been shown bogus. Attempts to redefine “natural born citizen” prove unconvincing to people who stayed awake in high school civics class. Grandmother transcripts are actually read. Naturalization law misrepresentations are exposed.

As the truth starts to sink in from the labors of the fact checkers exposing lie after lie, painstakingly debunking the anti-Obama smears, and as reasonable people come to the realization that the existing Obama Birth Certificate is legit (attested to by Hawaiian officials) and it plainly shows Obama was born in Honolulu, the next plan of attack is being prepared…

Obama’s mother likely brought Barack back from Kenya, claimed he was “born at home” and scammed US citizenship for him.

Source AlterMedia.info (altermedia.info is a white supremacist web site “news for people of European descent”.)

Exactly how she could have done that in the mere 4 days separating his birth and his birth registration, I cannot guess (probably they will claim that Obama is actually older than his certificate says). (Ignoring the fact that there’s no record of any trip to Kenya in the first place.)

This scenario creates a hypothetical scam that evades the plain statements on Obama’s certified document from Hawaii. This will keep the uproar going for that “long form” (which would show if he were born at home or in hospital). Of course when the long form comes out it will give more data points to be spun, misinterpreted, lied about and declared a fraud.

Anything to keep the stink going.

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  1. Kevin says:

    “[allegations that Obama is not eligible to take office are] only being mentioned by a relative few, by the real die-hard, anti-Obama crowd,” said Michael Harrison, editor and publisher of Talkers magazine, the trade bible of the talk-radio industry. “On mainstream talk radio, it’s not a big deal right now. I think it’s run its course.”

    “But,” Harrison added, “we live in a time that, because of the Internet, all points of view can live forever.”

    Source: The Baltimore Sun

  2. Kevin says:

    It is about the law. I have argued to my own satisfaction (and I have pretty high standards) that the law is satisfied by the COLB. The idea that what we have is “not real” and something else “is real” has no basis in law–it comes rather from the “extreme justification” I talked about before, and non-legal analogies about buying houses. The folks who shout loudest about Law and Constitution in this controversy seem to be the first ones to brush aside law and legal process in their passion to see some document that conspiracy theorists believe is a “smoking gun”. This is why the court cases are all getting dismissed — they have no basis in law.

    The other issue is the Constitutional definition of “natural born citizen” which seems to have been given some traction to a few legitimate constitutional scholars who have non-mainstream interpretations. However, this is not the time to be re-interpreting the Constitution. One doesn’t changes the rules in the middle of the game.

  3. Truth says:

    I know what Donofrios case is about. I tend to talk about more than one at the same time in here figuring your well aware of them. My point was you stated over 8000 cases a year get filed, and less than a hundred are heard. And if just ONE is heard, that tends to lead one to believe it is probably well beyond the definition of “hardly exists” outside of blogosphere, thats all.

    Because BHO won the popular vote, and now it is a group from the Minority that did not vote for him that is pursuing these cases, does not make this a less important issue. It will all probably end up being dismissed for whatever reason, and fine at least it was considered by S.C. Justices in a due process and not a bunch of koolaid drinkers online crying “he was born in Hawaii, he showed his b.c., your just sore losers”. It hasn’t a thing to do with winning and losing, it is about the Law.

  4. Kevin says:

    I could file a lawsuit in state court that the Department of Homeland Security is breaking the law by not doing more to prevent illegal immigration from Mars. I’d pay a filing fee, the case would go on the docket and eventually a judge would look at it and I’d be thrown out of court. Then I could appeal to the State Supreme court and I would be kicked out of court. Then I could file an appeal to the US Supreme Court and it would get put on the docket and die there. All this takes is a little knowledge and a few hundred dollars. It does not require that the case have any merit.

    The Martian immigration question is the closest to the Berg suit, which is legal garbage.

    The Donofrio suit is a little different in two respects. First, it alleges that the NJ Secretary of State has a statutory duty to verify candidates on the ballot. The fact is that the NJ Secretary of state did not run an ID check on the presidential candidates. New Jersey says that the law doesn’t require this. Donofrio’s suit is a real question of law founded on facts (no matter how poor the argument is). The second unique fact about Donofrio is that Justice Thomas circulated the case and put it on the agenda for discussion this past Friday and the Court took the unusual step of making this public.

    I assume that the Supreme Court took this step so that when on Monday they say that they aren’t going to consider the case, it will be known that all the justices made the decision, not just one.

    All that said, if Donofrio wins and the case is eventually heard by a court in the State of New Jersey, we will probably not see the Obama hospital registration, nor have any determination of where he was born. That is not what the case is about.

    While varying numbers of OCD Cases are alleged to be at the Supreme Court, I can only find 3 with docket numbers.

    A list of court cases with status is here. I do not recommend the preceding site generally as a source of information. It tends to repeat false reports with checking.

  5. TRUTH says:

    I’m having a hard time grasping how something that “hardly exists” can be at the Supreme Court. And this “hardly exists” thing doesn’t have One but Five cases at the Supreme Court level, and many other State ones to boot.

    I don’t know how many of the Five will be heard, but if only the ONE is and you say they only hear less than a Hundred annually, I think them Justices need to be doing a little more work for what we pay them.

    This information isn’t MSM, it isn’t even conservative radio. And God Knows Hannity, Boortz and Limbaugh (God Bless those Upstanding Americans) love to talk about Obama. It isn’t talked about because all Media are scared to discuss it until there is a ruling. Probably a good Media Professional decision.

  6. Kevin says:

    You will not get any argument from me that the on air main stream media is totally ignoring the Obama Citizenship Denial conspiracy theory (with the exception of one report on the liberal network MSNBC). CNN gives Philip Berg a tiny glance http://edition.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/10/15/internet.rumors/index.html and of course many news organization networks have forums or blogs where OCD folks clog the comments with their stuff.

    That said, OCD is a “tempest in a teapot”. It is a movement based on false information. For the media to give this any attention would be in effect their joining a misinformation campaign rather than reporting the facts. The fact that a few hundred conspiracy theorists are running anti-Obama blogs, where they make up stories, and trade in half-truths is not NEWS.

    If memory serves me right, the Supreme Court gets over 8,000 cases filed with it every year. It hears less than a hundred. Those 7,900 cases that die on the vine are generally not newsworthy.

    This is an issue that hardly exists outside the blogosphere, and we can deal with it here.

  7. Ted says:

    To say that American main stream media has failed to report what is “the story of the century” is an UNDERSTATEMENT. Their cover-up is treasonous. In the event the Supreme Court ultimately determines that Obama cannot be President — not qualifying as an Article II “natural born citizen” — the msm will be the blame for any civil unrest by failing to prepare the American public.

    Watch this — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQnL2IwyUAs

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