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As much as for my use as yours, I’m maintaining a list of web links useful for the Obama Citizenship Denial controversy.

Certificate Denial Refutation

Citizenship law and process debunking

Other Debunking links:

Obama Citizenship Denial proponents


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  1. Kevin says:

    I’m going to use this topic to comment on some of the court cases.

    The first one is the Kentucky case. The Lexington Herald Leader reports:

    Essek wants Obama to provide a copy of his birth certificate to a federal judge in London for verification.

    He knows some people might find his request odd, especially after the election, but says he would tell them it’s never too late to do the right thing.

    “I may very well be chasing windmills thinking they’re monsters,” he acknowledged.

    Essek lost by more than 100,000 votes when he tried to unseat longtime Republican U.S. Sen Mitch McConnell in the primary election this year. He later said on a Web site “maybe I got a little carried away, like my wife said.”


    You’d think that the founder of The Society for Liberty and Prosperity would have a little money in his pocket, but Essek pleaded poverty in his court filing, asking that the fees be waived.

    Case filing here.

    What’s funny is that this is a case Obama might want to come to trial because all Essek is asking for would be met by the Hawaii Certification Obama has already shown the world. This would be a quick and easy way to have the thing authenticated and at the same time dispel a ton of carp floating about what is and what is not a birth certificate.

  2. sus says:

    Good roundup. thanks.

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