Mark Sanford must go

Looking towards a run for president in 2012, Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina played games refusing to accept stimulus funds from the federal government to boost his right-wing credentials, while ignoring the second highest unemployment rate in the country.

Now we see Sanford went off the radar for a whole week, telling his staff he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, while he was really AWOL in Argentina with his mistress. What if something serious had happened? Duh! This irresponsible conduct makes him unfit to be a small town mayor, much less a state governor, and heaven forbid president!

Sandord did a microscopic pennance by resigning as head of the Republican Governors Conference. That shows about how sorry he really is.

Sanford, checkmated by the legislature in his attempt to starve the state, has now tried disgrace. Mark Sanford should resign, right now, and not after the polls come in to see whether anybody forgives him.

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  1. Kevin says:

    First off, it’s the Republicans as well as the Democrats who are calling for Sanford to resign. He is doing more damage to Republican politicians than anyone else. His resignation would be a boost to the sagging Republican prospects for the next election. In my book resignation of a small state governor is much less of a deal that the resignation of a president. Sanford wasn’t doing anything for the state anyway.

    It’s one thing to be unable to keep your pants zipped. It’s another thing to disappear for days on end, and lie to your staff about where you are. If Clinton had slipped off for a week to Argentina and lied to his staff about where he was, I would be the first one on the impeachment bandwagon.

    By the way, a reading of South Carolina history shows that we have had a fairly crappy list of governors. The only decent one I remember was Dick Riley, and of course historically there was John Rutledge (who wrote the US Constitution and won the Revolutionary War).

  2. TRUTH says:

    I’m surprised you post this subject actually. It’s kind of like saying of a man that murdered a person in broad daylight in front of a police station with 20 witnesses…”this is a Bad Man, he should go to jail”.

    Sanford is a HUGE Dissapointment. He had the intelligence to go far, but allowed lust to ruin his career, probably marriage and really put a damper on his life.

    With THAT SAID…. I’m sure it will be all the same Democrats that said of Mr. Clinton getting a blowjob, In the Oval Office (US Government Property), From an Intern…. “that’s his personnel business, it doesn’t affect how he runs the country, blah blah 50 other excuses…..” But soon as a Republican does something this stupid its like Hail n Brimstone, STONE HIM STONE The SINNER!!

    He admitted what he did. But I have to imagine it wasn’t easy, nor is trying ti minimize the impact it is having on all aspects of his daily life and work. He is probably TRYING to save something, and probably dancing around telling exact details beyond the fact he had an affair, so every word he says is being scrutinized. At least he didn’t say “I did NOT have SEX with that Woman…” or “it depends what your definition of “IS” is.” Yeah, he probably needs to resign, but I don’t discredit him for Trying to hang on. Who knows what is going on in his mind. Many worse people have become important people. Maybe he wants to make retribution and would be an outstanding person because of it. Who knows.

    But damnit one thing we do know, that Dirty REPUBLICAN is Scandalous so let the world know.

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